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Why Wine Podcasts Are The Best Way To Learn

So you’ve finally grown up and started drinking wine. Gone are the days of keg stands and shot olympics.Your social networking is part of your job and not just part of your teenage fantasies anymore. You feel good about yourself and this milestone in adulthood. Only problem is- you have absolutely No clue how to drink wine, how to choose wine, or even what wines you like. You don’t have the time or budget to go on an all-out wine tasting adventure and Google is just too much to handle on this topic.

Best solution: Podcasts.

What makes podcasts great for learning about a new interest or hobby you’ve decided to take on? 3 F words immediately come to mind (clean thoughts people!)

Free, Fun, and Frank. 

Let’s start with the bottom. You’re probably thinking- Who the F is Frank? (see what I did there?)

Frank, aka open, honest, and direct, is a valuable asset in podcasts that I’ve come to appreciate. When a podcaster is recording, they’re essentially telling you, me, and a bunch of people they don’t really know what their true thoughts are on a topic or a thing. They’re not talking to their mother or their priest so they can be more natural and expressive without worrying about their friends and family telling them that their new niche is a waste of time. When people know that their audience wants to hear what they have to say, they tell it like it is. Isn’t it better to learn about wine from someone who isn’t going to mince words and lead you down the wrong path? I vote Yes!

Moving on…Fun. Woohoo! Who has time to be bored these days? 2020 lockdown life helped all of us realize what we each need to be truly stimulated: An entertaining way to watch and learn about something we enjoy. Think you might like to bake- Great British Baking Show. Think you might want to travel and try different restaurants? DDD with Guy Fieri. Usually one or two episodes is enough to be hooked on the topic and also the people presenting it. Podcasts offer the same kind of satisfaction: Entertainment that holds your interest because you’re learning about something you like, but you’re having fun while you learn. Want to learn more? I vote Yes!

Last, but always not least: Free. I don’t think I need to meet my sentence per paragraph quota on this one. Can you spend money on wine webinars and books about dummies? Sure. Will you learn more than you did from listening to wine podcasts and also not get bored in the process? Not likely. Nuff said? I vote Yes!


Learning about wine is an endless task, but Podcasts ensure that it doesn’t have to feel that way .They’re free, fun, and frank. After just a few episodes, wine won’t seem so scary and the people that drink it won’t seem so different. Each new part of the wine world that you explore in a podcast will help you reach that adult milestone mentioned above. You’re probably thinking though- Where should I start? Stay tuned for a new blogpost soon featuring the Top 5 Wine Podcasts of 2022.

Thanks for Reading!

-Canned 🍷

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